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Mission Statment

Provide our long-standing experience in the field of plastic materials to ensure the highest expertise, the best service possible, and use business to implement cutting-edge and environment-friendly solutions.

Who we are

Dilplast grew out of a small company founded by Dante Ternelli in 1976. Being at the forefront of technology has always been the key feature of a company that today has 20 employees, and that in the early 2016 has celebrated its 40th anniversary. Thermoforming is a process that requires the right balance between theoretical knowledge, practical know-how, fieldwork and domain expertise. All traits Dilpast accrued over years of hard work, errors, analysis and improvement; and that today are made available to the client in our brand-new headquarter located in Montecchio Emilia in the province of Reggio Emilia. The approach we take towards design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility. Our creed is as simply as incisive: form follows function. To us, the close oversight of all stages of manufacture – from design to finished article – translates into an active participation in the overall creation process and is crucial to maintaining a high level of our standardized production methods and an unvarying quality in any manufacturing stage. A shrewd organization of company’s internal structure has also helped us to achieve increasingly better results, meeting even the most demanding requests and supplying our clients with higher quality product. We operate complying with ISO EN UNI 9001:2008, thanks to which we are able to do an end-to-end component design control and, above all, to drastically cut scrap, waste plastic and returned goods. The aim of fulfilling our mission statement reward us everyday with big satisfactions both personally and professionally.

Company’s History

Dante Ternelli, founder of Dilplast, got his start aged 22 in 1968 and eight years later founded Dilpast. The year was 1976, and the firm was one of the country’s earliest to provide advice and technical support on any type of milling and thermoforming. In 1979, Dilplast designed and implemented its first washing trough explicitly shaped for working environments. In the following years, several others sanitary items were produced until an ad-hoc business unit called Dilplast Sanitari was created. During the 1990s, Dilplast warmly welcomed the new options made possible by the huge steps forward technology had done up until then: in 1991, it purchased its first 5-axis cutting machine for manufacturing and finishing semi-processed materials, and three years on began working with computer numerically controlled tools. Finally, in 1998, the company set about using CAD/CAM programs to control machine tools and provided itself with a trailblazing 3D scanner. In the early 2000s, Dilplast certified its own system through Istituto Italiano dei Plastici (IIP), fulfilling the requirements of the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and, shortly afterward, bought an all-electric thermoforming machine equipped with a quicker tool change system allowing to improve the average yield. Meanwhile, the firm implemented a CAD-CAM software, lowering significantly processing time and decreasing start-up scrap and waste plastic. In the beginning of 2010, Dilplast attuned to the most recent developments by acquiring its first thermoforming machine with automatic load/unload – conceived with an absolutely innovative sheet loading system. Furthermore, due to an increasing demand, a tampography printing machine was introduced, widening the company’s machinery extent. In august 2015, Dilplast inaugurated its new headquarter in Montecchio Emilia in the province of Reggio Emilia: a considerable step, but just a stepping stone towards a more ambitious future and ever more sustainable.

Environmental Responsabilty

We know that our business activity has an environmental impact. For this reason, and because we believe that sticking to the core values we trust in enabled us to become a company we are proud to run and work for, we always kept a special eye on issues concerning pollution and the respect of the environment we live in. We recycle all the scrap and waste plastic we produce, either by compressing in a baling machine or by producing ground flake, for sale to reprocessing companies or re-use in their own facility. Frequently, scrap and waste plastic from the thermoforming process is converted back into extruded sheet for forming again. Last year, we decided to go to the next step by moving to a brand-new and greener facility: a 70,000-square feet headquarter that we inaugurated in August 2015 and that has several energy-saving features and, most importantly, has been provided with a modern 400 kilowatt-hour photovoltaic system installed on the building’s roof, which guarantees us to produce in-house all the hot water we need by recycling hot air from the manufacturing process.

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Montecchio Emilia (RE)
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